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Digital Dentistry in Kingston upon Thames

Kingston Upon Thames

See your future smile even before your treatment starts!

We use the latest digital dental technology to scan your mouth at super high speed. No more gooey material in your mouth! Our 3Shape TRIOS 4 is used for:

Dental Scan 3Shape TRIOS

Real-time smile simulation 

Digital Intraoral Scanner

The future of dentistry is digital at Aesthetika in Kingston, London

Fast intraoral scanning using the TRIOS®-4 system to take comfortable dental impressions using the latest 3D scanning technology.

This dental scanner takes 3D high-resolution images of your teeth and it can shows final results in real-time on a screen. 

Get in touch to discover how 3D dental scanning can help to improve the outcome of your treatment!

At Aesthetika Dental Studio we believe everyone deserves a perfect smile! That’s what our team of experts is determined to deliver.

Benefits of the Digital Dental Scanner for Our Patients

Digital Scan for Oral Health, Cosmetic & Teeth Straighenting Planing

You (the patient) will be able to see what we see.

The images that are taken by the 3D scanner are available to the patient instantly. This is a great way for you to understand the issues with your teeth in full colour which will enable us to provide the dental treatment options.

If you are looking to have your teeth straightened eg with Invisalign, we can use the scans to show you what your teeth could look like after they have been straightened.

A digital scan will allow us to make accurate decisions towards your oral and dental health.


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Digital Dentistry