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What Are Invisalign® Clear Braces?

Invisalign® braces are a unique solution to traditional teeth straightening treatments due to their advanced technology of ‘clear’ aligners.

Many people feel more confident with a healthy straight smile. Those who are embarrassed by their smile may be put off traditional brace treatments, due to the aesthetic effect the metal wiring can have to their smile.

However Invisalign® braces allow wearers to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing they are wearing braces, or having any kind of orthodontic treatment. These clear braces can be worn confidently in both social and professional settings.

In addition to their traditional metal counterparts, Invisalign® braces are also removable. These remarkable, invisible braces, can be taken out when you are eating, flossing or brushing your teeth. These removable aligners ensure that the health of your gums and the teeth is maintained throughout the treatment plan.

Invisalign® benefits include:

  • Very comfortable to wear and aesthetically pleasing
  • A pre-planned treatment is used to predict every step of the treatment and results
  • Better tooth and gum health as braces can be removed
  • No pain or allergic reaction to metal brackets and wires
  • Aligners are custom made for each patient’s mouth

With Invisalign® braces gone are the days of traditional metal wires and metal brackets – Invisalign® really is the invisible alternative to traditional orthodontics!

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Why Choose Aesthetika Dental Studio?

Invisalign® braces allow patients to gain the straight smile they have always wanted without any brackets or wiring in sight. No longer will wearing braces leave you feeling self-conscious about smiling!

Treatment is incredibly discreet, patients do not feel that they have to hide their teeth during treatment, and the aligners can be removed when eating and drinking – as such the transparent will hardly ever interfere with your day to day live. You can go to work, socialise with friends, etc. without the embarrassment of traditional metal wires and brackets.

Of course each patient will react to the treatment differently, some will experience more discomfort than others. And as is the case with most orthodontics treatments, there is usually a degree of discomfort associated with the shifted of teeth. However many patients only describe the discomfort of Invisalign® braces as mild. This mild discomfort being a sense of tenderness or pressure within the first few days of treatment only.

Dental visits are usually needed every few weeks in order to monitor the progress and continue with the next set of Invisalign® trays that will be given to you each time you visit for a check up.

Following your treatment you will need to wear retainers which look exactly like the invisible trays you were using before. For a period up to 6 months it is advised to wear them as long as possible during the day too, whereas later you just need to use them overnight to protect your new smile.

What To Expect

Quite simply at Aesthetika Dental Studio we value patient health and comfort about all. From your initial consultation, through to your dental treatment and our first-class aftercare service, you’ll see why we’re considered one of the leading dentist and facial aesthetic clinics in the South-East.

We understand that visiting a dentist maybe effortless for some, but stressful for others. That’s why we’ve cultivated a customer service standard that is second-to-none, and rivalled by many. Your comfort is our priority.

Our innovative technology and treatment procedures mean we are at the very forefront of modern-day dentistry and aesthetic surgery. The access our oral experts have to best-in-market dentistry procedures means we have the most advanced technology needed for the most thorough of oral assessments and diagnosis.

Combine this with our dental and aesthetic experts treating each of our patients on a case by case basis, our treatment plans are always bespoke to each of our individual patient needs, and of course budgets.

Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependenton a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.

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9 months ago decided to bite the bullet (excuse the pun!) and go for Invisalign treatment, this was not a immediate decision which included several visits to different dental practices discussing teeth removal, fixed braces and discomfort over 18 months. Thankfully I came across Aesthetika and Dr George after a short consultation I decided Invisalign was the treatment for me – no extraction or tram lines. The treatment was painless and pretty straightforward, 8 months on my teeth are perfectly straight and look exactly like the projected model that was initially shown to me by Dr George at the beginning of the process. The service receieved was first class and I would strongly recommend Aesthetika to anyone that is considering having their teeth straightened or anything else for that matter.

Jason Coleman

A very measured, professional approach taken to the Invisalign service. Friendly and caring.

Matt Kirby

Five star professional treatment from Dr George and his lovely team. I had two root canal filling’s and two beautiful crowns, plus a very difficult extraction (didn’t feel a thing) partial dentures, I’m very happy can’t stop smiling.

John Madden

You all are amazing. The entire dental service was flawless. Aesthetika rocks!

Martins Iwuchukwu

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