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What Are Ceramic Restorations?

At Aesthetika Dental Studio we’re committed to offering our patients the very best in dentistry technology and dental implants. Naturally, this includes carefully selecting the materials we choose to carry out our treatments with our valued customers deserve nothing but the best with our ceramic restorations.

Because it’s our promise to deliver the very best results possible for our patients, we only use ceramics within our dental restoration treatments. Superior quality ceramics are, we believe, the only real way to deal with an issue that needs restorative attention, and give the long-lasting results that our customers have come to expect in our many years of business.

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How Does It Work?

We offer fantastic porcelain inlays or outlays, which are fillings that fit either into or on top of the damaged tooth. These teeth inlays & teeth overlays are ideal for use in cases where a standard filling is not quite enough, but when a crown is unnecessary, and we never seek to do more than is required for any patient. 

In such circumstances, we must remove some of the natural tooth structure to place a crown, which then subsequently weakens the affected teeth, and this is something which we want to avoid at all costs. 

Ceramic restorations are used to restore and strengthen the damaged teeth. However restorative material can also be used to bond the teeth and repair chipped and worn teeth. Restorations are made from superior quality ceramics.

With the development of modern all-ceramic materials that are incredibly strong and natural looking, there really is no need to use metal for fillings, crowns or bridges, and ceramic restorations meets this wish and makes our customer’s smiles beautiful to behold.


Ceramic Restorations

Ceramic Restorations by Aesthetika! 

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What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend Dr George Triantafyllidis as the most expert and capable Dentist for dealing with any dental issue, no matter how complex. With careful attention to every detail, George has fixed my badly aligned teeth and removed the associated pain that I’ve had for many years. I had seen many Dentists beforehand who either did nothing or simply turned me away saying it was all too difficult. George is the most skillful and charming Dentist I’ve ever come across, and I just wish I found him earlier!

Demetra Katsifli

Me and my wife have been going to George’s dental practice since 2 years now. Professional, friendly and honest. Strongly suggest him!


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Why Choose Aesthetika Dental Studio?

Aesthetika Dental Studio
Aesthetika dental studio surrey

Quite simply at Aesthetika Dental Studio we value patient health and comfort about all. From your initial consultation, through to your dental treatment and our first-class aftercare service, you’ll see why we’re considered one of the leading dentist and facial aesthetic clinics in the South-East.

We understand that visiting a dentist maybe effortless for some, but stressful for others. That’s why we’ve cultivated a customer service standard that is second-to-none, and rivalled by many. Your comfort is our priority.

Our innovative technology and treatment procedures mean we are at the very forefront of modern-day dentistry and aesthetic surgery. The access our oral experts have to best-in-market dentistry procedures means we have the most advanced technology needed for the most thorough of oral assessments and diagnosis.

Combine this with our dental and aesthetic experts treating each of our patients on a case by case basis, our Ceramic restoration treatments as well as all of our other treatment plans are always bespoke to each of our individual patient needs, and of course budgets.

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