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Existing Patients:

Our Practice will be OPEN from 22nd of June 2020.

We will be prioritising Emergency patients first. 

Please read our guide below.

At Aesthetika Dental Studio, your and our staff safety are our priority. We have set out some information below to explain how things will be different at our dental practice. We are very happy to answer your questions and will aim to alleviate any concerns that you may have. 

We want to carry on providing high-quality dentistry under the safest conditions with long-lasting results. With respect to the current situation, our team will spend more time carrying out the cleaning procedures for our patients’ health, confidence and peace of mind.

Temporary changes to our opening hours

Our Opening hours are now: Mon – Fri 9am-5pm.

We will not be open on Saturdays for a little while, we will update you when Saturdays will be available again.

Patient Journey

When you arrive at the practice

  • On arrival, call reception as instructed 
  • We will ask you to wait in the car/outside until your pre-arranged appointment time 
  • Once clinical teams have informed the receptionist that they are ready for the next patient, we will invite you into the practice (please use the main entrance)
  • Patients should attend on their own (unless accompanying children or a carer is needed) 
  • Doors may be opened by staff to prevent patients touching handles etc
  • Minimise belongings brought to appointments e.g. bags, coats 
  • Patient’s belongings will be placed in a suitable plastic box while at the practice 
  • No physical greetings e.g. handshake 
  • Patients will disinfect hands-on entering (and leaving) using the auto-dispensed hand sanitiser
  • Patients are instructed not to touch surfaces 
  • In case paper transactions are required, patients will be kindly asked to bring their own pens. 
  • Patients will be escorted through the (empty) waiting room straight into the surgery 
  • No refreshment facilities e.g. water, tea, coffee 
  • Practice toilets should be considered out of bounds. Please use the toilet before you leave home.
  • Patients must ask permission to use toilet facilities, in order for staff to disinfect them after use.

Temperature testing 

  • Routine temperature screening (patients and staff) will be carried out to reduce the risk of disease transmission
  • Temperature should be taken immediately when patients attend, if their temperature is high (≥37.8°C) the appointment should be cancelled and postponed until a later date. 

When you have finished your appointment

  • We will escort you back to reception to book any future appointments, sign any documents and for payment.
  • Before you touch anything, please use the hand sanitizer.
  • When you are ready to go please use the hand sanitizer again and exit the practice from the back, following our one-way system.

Information about Clinical Procedures during the pandemic

  • The appointments booked will be longer than normal and also more widespread to allow for the extra cleaning measures required during the pandemic.
  • Priority will be given to emergencies and urgent treatments. 
  • At the beginning we may not be able to provide our full range of treatments or to do so we may need to follow strict PPE and cleaning protocols and try to minimise any Aerosol Generating Procedures (spraying, drilling, scaling etc).
  • Extra staff may be utilised to ensure the extra cleaning and preparing requirements are met.
  • The clinical staff will need to use special protective equipment for themselves and the patients, in order to provide any aerosol-generating procedures. The surgery will then need to be isolated for up to 1h to allow for any formed droplets to settle down. A strict cleaning protocol is to be followed, including floor moping, to ensure the surgery is decontaminated and safe to be reused.
  • As described, when aerosol-generating procedures are required, they may incur an additional cost to allow for the extra equipment, materials, staff, time and surgeries required to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff.

We look forward to seeing you again. You can call un on 020 3697 0376 or email us.

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