How To Remove Brown Stains from the Back of Teeth

How do you remove brown stains from the back of teeth? It’s a common enough problem and a question that is asked often by people who have noticed that even though they may be strict about their dental hygiene, their teeth still becomes a little less pearly white. 

We all want a dazzling, bright white smile. Many consider this to be a sign of good health, so if your teeth are a little on the stained side it can dent your confidence and make you feel a bit below par.  

Identifying the triggers for this common issue is key, as is finding out the best way to remove them safely and effectively with a little help from a private Dentist, who will be able to assist and advise you should the problem be a little more persistent.  

There are many causes for this, and some might surprise you more than others!  


Causes of Brown Staining on Teeth

First, identify what the main triggers are for causing brown stains on teeth. Some of these are perhaps more obvious than others and it can be worth looking at your overall lifestyle to see what changes you can make to help you overcome the problem of brown stains between the teeth.  

  • Food and drink 

Food such as highly coloured fruits and vegetables (think blackcurrants or beetroot) contain stain-causing compounds that will build upon your teeth over time. Likewise, drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine contain tannins, which can turn your teeth a brownish colour if drunk regularly. Sugary soda-based drinks can also have the same effect, which is another reason why Dentists often advise against having these too often or avoiding them completely.  

To prevent these stains from occurring, or to minimise the risk, regular, twice-daily brushing with a fluoride toothpaste will help. Drink cold drinks or alcoholic beverages that can cause staining, through a straw.  

  • Smoking and Tobacco 

Of course, one of the other major causes of brown staining is smoking and tobacco products. The best course of action to prevent staining is to give up, but in the meantime, it could be worth speaking to an Aesthetika Dentist to see how they can help with professional removal of brown stains from the teeth, especially if it is as a result of long-term smoking. 

  • Tooth decay 

When layers of enamel start to get worn away by the bacteria that is present in the mouth, it can form cavities. The resulting decay can end up turning a brownish colour. These will show up as spots of brown in and around the front and back of the teeth.  

  • Tartar 

Bacteria causes is a build-up of a sticky substance on your teeth known as plaque. If this isn’t properly removed by adequate brushing and mouth washing twice a day it can harden and turn brown. The only way this can be removed safely and effectively is by getting an appointment with your Dentist or Hygienist.  

  • Medical conditions 

Certain medical conditions such as coeliac disease can cause brown staining on the teeth, which can in some cases be permanent. It is always best to seek professional advice to treat this both for proper management of your health condition and also for good oral health.  

How To Effectively Remove Brown Stains on Teeth 

There are many different options to remove brown stains from the teeth. Some are over the counter, and some require professional advice. If you’re unsure about what to do, then it is always best to seek advice from a professional Kingston Dentist who can give the proper treatment and help.  

Over the counter options for treating this problem include:  

  • Mouthwashes that contain hydrogen peroxide – often labelled as ‘teeth whitening 
  • Toothpaste that contain sodium hypochlorite – again, often labelled as ‘whitening’ 
  • Whitening strips that will contain carbamide peroxide 

It is important to only buy these products from a reputable supplier such as a private Dentist, or pharmacy, who will be able to verify their sources and assure you that the products they sell are safe. 

Normally, if the brown stains are caused by medical issues or by tartar, it is recommended not to treat them at home and to simply make an appointment with a Dentist for further help and treatment.  

The dentist or Dental Hygienists will use special tools to scrape, blast, or rub tartar and plaque away from teeth and they can also undertake minor procedures to help whiten the teeth safely and give you professional follow up advice for home use afterwards.  

Sometimes, the brown staining on teeth caused by certain medical conditions like coeliac disease or the effects of years of poor dental hygiene can be permanent. It might be possible to lessen them, but it isn’t always possible to remove them.  

Further discolouration can be aided by the use of the following techniques:  

  • White composite fillings 
  • Veneers 
  • Crowns 
  • Airflow Stain Removal – is the best treatment for stains built up from food/drinks and tobacco. It eliminates most dental stains very effectively. Airflow uses high-pressure water that sprays powder on the teeth and it is relatively painless. 

Sometimes wearing a retainer or night guard may also be recommended.  

Can you Prevent Brown Stains on the Teeth?  

It is possible to minimise brown spots on the teeth. The biggest key to this is good hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day and using an appropriate mouthwash. 

Use the following plan to make sure your dental health is tip-top!  

  • Brush your teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride two minutes twice a day.
  • Floss at least once a day
  • If you eat a lot of food with high sugar or tannin levels, rinse your mouth thoroughly, with either mouthwash or plain water after eating/drinking.
  • Use a fluoride containing mouthwash twice a day.
  • Have a dental check-up regularly.
  • Stop smoking

If it isn’t clear what has been causing the brown stains or discolouration, it is important to make an appointment with your dentist, to find out what the cause might be. 

How Aesthetika Can Help 

We look forward to hearing from and meeting new patients. We’re happy to talk to you and have an initial consultation with you to see how we could help.  

If you’re struggling with the problem of brown staining on your teeth, then don’t suffer in silence or feel embarrassed any more. We can help you get a bright, white smile to be proud of. Contact a professional Kingston Dentist today. Find out more on how we can help 


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