How Much are Veneers? 

If you’ve been wondering about investing the time and money into some cosmetic dental procedures, you’ve probably wondered how much are veneers 

Over the last decade a raft of makeover shows, and now increasingly social media influencers have sought to prove the worth of having a beautiful, pearly white smile that many of us want to replicate. This can have the effect of making people feel self-conscious when being photographed, because of the shame in having discoloured, chipped or cracked teeth.  

In these more media-oriented times, it seems that one in three of us is now considering some form of cosmetic dental enhancement to give confidence back. It’s possible to find a solution to this issue, but finding the right private dentist is essential for any kind of cosmetic procedure.  

What are Veneers? 

Veneers are thin strips of pearl white porcelain that can be bonded to one or more teeth to hide staining, discolouration or cracking.  

The damaged tooth needs to be filed down first and then this instant beautifier can be fixed securely over the top. They are more natural looking than false teeth and can provide a quicker and faster solution than crowns or caps, which are often an invasive dental procedure.  

It’s possible to pick the right shade of veneer for you, and to know that they will fit naturally with the rest of your teeth. Veneers can also be used to fill in small gaps in the smile, that other orthodontic procedures can’t fix.  

Why Choose Veneers? 

Why choose veneers? If you’re unsure or need to examine reasons why this procedure might be the best option for you, then here are three major reasons to speak to a Kingston Dentist about seeking this form of treatment.  

  • Brighten and whiten your smile 

Over time, the food and drink we consume takes its toll on our teeth. Tannins in tea and coffee and compounds from food can turn them yellow or brown. If you’re a smoker then this only makes the issue worse. It is possible to have bleaching or whitening procedures done at the dentist, but this is something that needs to be kept on top of. An easy way to whiten for good is to invest in porcelain veneers.  

  • Minor Cosmetic Issues Can be Fixed 

Veneers can often be used to correct minor dental issues that other orthodontic treatments can’t fix. As they are attached to the front surface of your teeth, they can camouflage small issues such as crooked teeth or gaps. Although they will only cover the issue, the only people that need know you have a slight imperfection are you, and your dentist. In some cases, orthodontic treatment might be the preferred method and it is always best to seek the advice of a trained dental professional in such matters.  

  • Damage to Tissues in the Mouth Can Be Minimised 

Overzealous tooth brushing or eating acidic foods can all have an effect on the tissues in your mouth, pushing back or eroding them. If you suffer from gastrointestinal problems that mean you produce a lot of stomach acid, or have reflux, this can also create problems too. Having veneers fitted can help stop this problem from worsening and correct any cosmetic issues that might have been created by any of the above.  

Choose the Right Dentist 

Committing to having veneers is one step of the process, knowing and choosing the right dentist to perform the procedure is another. There are growing demands for different types of dental cosmetic procedures and making sure you find someone you can trust and who is fully qualified is key.  

A good quality veneer that fits properly and is comfortable needs a skilled private dentist to carry out the work. The maximum amount of tooth should be conserved. One of the key criteria for a well fitted veneer is that another dentist should not be able to spot it unless they examine you very closely.  

Poorly fitted veneers can often appear bathroom-fixture white, and the porcelain they are made from is poor quality and will not be durable. Skilled technicians at a private Kingston Dentist clinic such as Aesthetika will use high quality materials to create an individually tailored veneer that will last and provide protection and durability.  

Teeth are not uniform in size or colour and that is why getting a good colour match is essential. We’ll take the time to make sure we talk to you and help you choose correctly.  

If a row of veneers needs to be fitted, an expert dental clinic such as ours will also work with the patient to make sure the shape and length of the teeth are also accommodated.  

This is very important in terms of matching your front teeth on the top and bottom rows. A little tooth length needs to be visible, especially when the lips are relaxed. The upper teeth also need to follow the curve of the bottom lip.   

The width of a smile needs to be considered too and adjustments will need to be made in order to make sure that your smile shows off you, and your personality and not a row of false looking teeth!  

How Much Do Veneers Cost?  

This will depend very much on the number of teeth that need treatment. Your dentist will be able to advise you of how much veneers will cost, alongside the colour match that will suit you best.  

You can always book a free consultation with us, to talk to us about the procedure and what to expect. Call us today if you’re interested in having veneers to Find out more how we can help