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How long do braces take to straighten teeth? 

How long do braces take to straighten teeth? Having braces fitted is a simple, effective method of orthodontic treatment which focuses on gradually shifting teeth into alignment.  There are a range of different types of braces including traditional metal bracesclear braces such as Invisalign, or Fastbraces ®This form of treatment can be used to correct issues such as overcrowding, gaps and spacing issues. It can also be used to correct underbites and overbites.  Considering teeth straightening needn’t be a worry or a hassle and trusting a professional private dentist like Aesthetika will mean you get the best possible treatment, at an affordable cost.  

How long will it take Braces to straighten my teeth?

Whichever type of brace you choose, the end result will be the same, which is to effectively and gently shift your teeth into the right position. The time it takes to do this will vary case to case and depend on your overall oral health.  How long will it take Braces to straighten my teeth?   If traditional metal braces are being used, they are bonded to each tooth with dental wire threaded through each bracket. Every so often, the wire is tightened by the dentist at regular intervals, so that your teeth will gradually move into the right position.   In the case of clear or invisible dental braces, like Invisalign or Fastbraces ® bonding to the teeth isn’t needed and with the latter treatmentretainers either don’t need to be worn at all or worn for very minimal periods each day. They can also be taken out when eating or to clean them thoroughly. They can often be a better option for adults who have decided to undertake teeth straightening at a later age.  

What is involved in the Teeth Straightening Process? 

If you’re thinking about having your teeth straightening, then the process will often involve the following steps: 
  • Initial consultation with dentist 

An initial meeting will be set up with your dentist so that they can make a full assessment of your current oral health and the alignment of your teeth. They’ll then make a recommendation for the right type of braces for you.   In certain situations, it may be necessary to have tooth extraction(s) before straightening can commence. If this is the case, your dentist will talk you through this process too.  
  • First treatment session 

After your initial appointment a treatment session will be set up, and it’s here your braces will be fitted.   Your private dentist will explain how to look after your teeth and your braces, with use of good oral hygiene practices.   They will also explain any potential problems with discomfort after the initial fitting and how you can manage this. For most people, discomfort is minimal and can be managed with simple over the counter pain relievers.  
  • Follow up appointments

Over the following months you will need to have regular follow up appointments with your private dentist to have your braces tightened, or to have new aligners fitted (depending on the treatment you have opted for).   At these appointments, your dentist will also check how your treatment is progressing and discuss any changes to your dental plan, with you.  
  • Removal of braces 

When your teeth are straight and the treatment is complete, your braces will need to be professionally removed and your teeth examined. Your dentist may advise you to wear a retainer for a new months, if necessary, to keep your teeth in alignment.  

Treatment Times for Teeth Straightening 

The time taken to straighten teeth can vary from patient to patient. It depends on how severe the dental issues are such as: 
  • Severity of crowding 
  • Any spacing and bite issues 
  • The treatment option you choose 
The systems we use, in majority of cases take 6 months, some may take up to 1 year, no more than that  Everyone will respond differently to treatment of this kind. In some, improvements may be seen in a few weeks. In others it may be months.   However, for most patients, teeth straightening with dental braces can take anywhere between six months to two yearsA good private dentist will be able to give you a proper estimate of how long your braces treatment will take. This will be based on their experience treating patients of similar requirements.  Straightening teeth does take time. This is because your dentist is using specific techniques to shift your teeth into their correct alignment using gentle force. This must be done over time to protect teeth and gums from damage and give reliable, permanent results with minimum discomfort to the patient. A good private dentist will explain every stage of the process and make sure their patient feels comfortable with the treatment being undertaken.  

Choose Aesthetika For Braces 

If you’re considering teeth straightening for aesthetic purposes, or to correct other dental health issues then Aesthetika can help you.   We offer affordable, professional treatment in our Kingston based practice and have a range of different treatment options depending on your needs and your dental health requirements.   Aesthetika understand that teeth straightening is a treatment that needs careful discussion and consideration with each patient and we’re happy to talk you through all your options.   It doesn’t matter whether you require traditional metal braces, Invisalign technology or Fastbraces ® we can help you make the right decision to suit your budget and your lifestyle. If you’d like more information and help on the services we offer, visit our website or call us today for an informal chat.  


What Are Fastbraces? 

What are Fastbraces®?  Fastbraces® were developed as a revolutionary solution to straighten crooked teeth in a different way to traditional braces. It is a complete, non-extraction based system and it provides patients with speedy, effective results.    The difference between conventional brace systems and Fastbraces® is that tooth movement is staggered. With traditional dental braces, the teeth move in two stagesfirstly the crown, then the root. Fastbraces® can often halve the length of treatment time because it focuses on both areas at once.   Aesthetika offer Fastbrace ® solutions. If your teeth are crooked, twisted or misaligned then this could be the treatment for you 

How do Fastbraces ® work?  

Fastbraces® use an innovative ‘elbow’ design in the brackets. This is coupled with a uniquely shaped wire and these two components work together to exert forces on the root and crown simultaneously.   When teeth are crooked, the root is typically not in the correct position. If Fastbraces® are applied, with a wire (instead of a bracket), this means that the distance between the braces is doubled. The extra space means there is more flexibility of wire. The root can be straightened upright, in a much shorter time frame.   Fastbraces® technology is a gentle treatment which allows the movement of the roots of the teeth into their final position, right from the start of treatment. This means that patients can complete treatment anytime from three months after the commencement, to a year. Some patients report seeing results and changes within a few weeks.   The technology associated with Fastbraces ® has a low frictional force and this means there is a reduction in sliding friction, and thus a reduction in pain when fitting front and back teeth together.   There is no need to wear retainers for hours during the day, either. In fact, retention treatment is only needed for around fifteen to twenty minutes per day whilst using Fastbraces®.  

Fastbraces ® Treatment Guide 

The first step to a great smile is to meet your private dentist to determine if you are a candidate for the Fastbraces® system  They will then undertake a comprehensive exam of your mouth and smile. This is followed by tooth impressions and x rays, to create a customized treatment plan designed specifically for your smile.  Before you go ahead and book an appointment to talk to your private Kingston dentist about Fastbraces® ask yourself a few questions to see if you’re a good candidate for this type of treatment:  
  • Would you like to have a straighter smile? 
  • Would you like to achieve that smile in a short space of time? 
  • Would you like to experience little to no pain with the treatment? 
  • Would you like to have a cost effective option for brace treatment? 
If you answered yes to more than one of these, then contact Aesthetika today, to discuss your treatment options 

Fastbraces® Can Give You Confidence Back  

Think about the following questions and answer them honestly.  
  • Do you have gaps between your teeth? 
  • Are your teeth crooked? 
  • Do you feel you have to ‘hide your teeth, for instance do you cover your mouth a lot? 
  • Do you tend to avoid smiling in photos? 
  • Are you generally unhappy with your smile? 
Then this treatment could really help you get your overall confidence back. One of the major keys to feeling confident, is having straight teeth! 

The advantages of Fastbraces® 

  1. Fast 

Fastbraces® work with a single orthodontic wire from start to finish. Traditional braces must have a series of wires and regular tightening procedures.   Fastbraces® use a special square nickel-titanium wire which is flexible and activated by the special design of the braces. The whole tooth is ‘upright’ in one stage, using the natural temperature of the mouth. This means that treatment can be completed much more quickly. 

2. Safe and Reduces Pain 

The technology for Fastbraces® has been in use for over twenty years now and in that time patients who use the treatment have found it to be incredibly safe and reliable.   Patients often report feeling much less pain and discomfort than with traditional braces. As the braces are typically ‘fixed’ for less time than normal braces, there is less risk of dental hygiene issues, too.  

3. Affordable  

Treatment can be very affordable in most cases. This is because there are often less visits to the dentist clinic needed.  

4. Different, Effective Design 

Conventional braces are square shaped, and this defines the distance between the brackets and determines how flexible the wire is.  Fastbraces® Technology is equipped with an elevated slot and possess a unique ‘elbow’ design. The way the bracket is shaped is critical because it alters the force and the flexibility of the brace.  It increases the distance between the individual brackets, which in turn, increases the flexibility of the wire.   Theses brackets also help with the ‘tipping forces to the root of the tooth, right from the start of your treatment. This alone means that Fastbraces ® treatment can be completed from three months to one year after their fitting. This is especially important for children or adults who have concerns about the aesthetics of braces and worry about their looks. They also might wonder how quickly Fastbraces ® can be removed and the quick treatment time can be a deciding factor!   Fastbraces® also now come in a clear option, for those who want their treatment to be as inconspicuous as possible. Talk to your private dentist about this today.  

Aesthetika For Fastbraces 

Fastbraces® are safe and effective method of dental treatment for both children and adults.   Finding a professional private dentist to talk to is extremely important as they will be able to advise you on your treatment options, cost and how long the process could take.   A straight, healthy smile is at your fingertips. Find out if Fastbraces® are the right choice for you. For more information on how Aesthetika’s cosmetic dentistry can help you, contact us today!

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