Botox for Men: Why Now?

Recently we’ve been hearing in the media of reports regarding Martin Clunes and his tax-avoidance Botox treatments. Tax-avoidance aside (we’ll leave this to HMRC), this does present an interesting topic to discuss. And thanks to a whole host of recent celebrity confessions from the likes of Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell and of course Martin Clunes; Botox for men – why now?

Research by The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS) has revealed that the number of men getting cosmetic surgery has risen by more than 110% since 2000, and Google has also told us that searches for ‘Botox for men’ has increased year-on-year by 25%. But Botox has been around for a while, so why now are we seeing more and more men have Botox treatments?

Like most things, a change to our lifestyle, what we buy and how we choose to spend our money is dictated by cultural change and acceptance. Culturally we continue to link success, whether that be family or personal, with image. This could be a new car, a big house, expensive clothes, or in the case of Botox treatments; healthier, younger looking skin.

There’s no hiding from the fact that the better we look, then more confident we feel. The more confident we feel, the likelihood of securing that new contract at work, or finally getting that date we’ve always wanted, greatly increases. And for men it’s no different. We’re big advocates of men having Botox treatments here at Aesthetika Dental, and why not. Anything that makes us, men or women for that matter, feel more confident and self-assured gets a thumbs up from us.

Now yes, Botox is classed as cosmetic surgery. But not necessarily surgery as we typically know it. You don’t go ‘under the knife’, nor do you have to wear one of those not so flattering hospital gowns. Botox treatment is a simple procedure. Treatment can take as little as 20 minutes on one area. In terms of pain, well there isn’t any. The injected areas can often feel a little ‘heavy’ for a few hours after, but all in all it’s a pain free treatment with amazing results.

Are you one of those responsible for that 25% uplift on Google for ‘Botox for men’ searches, but still unsure if it’s the right treatment for you? Use our handy online booking form to book an appointment with a team member at our Kingston surgery where we’d be happy to talk you through your options.